Our Mission

Ochaya Group aims to connect people from all walks of life by providing high quality trendy product and friendly services. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, we will continue to innovate and develop new product and services which focus on customers’ taste and liking to increase and improve our varieties of menu with our motto “fresh . healthy . for everyone” .

We will ensure that our services and product are consistent throughout all our outlets in Thailand and overseas so that our value customers can enjoy and be happy buying our product .

We want to be the market leader in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. Our brands represent innovation, creativity, trendy, quality, healthy and friendliness.

Ochaya Group was founded in Thailand in 2007 by our CEO, Mr. Stanley Yu. It started with a humble beginning with only one small shop (9 sq m) offering fresh and healthy Taiwanese bubble tea drink with reasonable price to consumers .

The formula of “fresh . healthy . for everyone” works very well with overwhelming support from our customers, especially office workers and students. The response is so good that customers start asking for franchising license to start their own shops.

In 2009, Ochaya Group started franchise business and has grown to 13 branches on the same year. It continues to grow till today with over 350 branches and still counting. Over the years with the continuous effort in innovation and creativeness, Ochaya has became the household brand for trendy healthy drink and also became the No. 1 brand in the industry. Our shop space have also grown in variety from 9 sq m to 100 sq m .

With the success story of Ochaya brand, we have expanded more brands like RamenBoy which offers Japanese Ramen, OkeCha which offers Ready-to-drink tea and also Thai-Yi-Ping (泰一品) which offers Taiwanese bubble tea with Thai cultures.


OCHAYA Foundation and Early Years


Ochaya started with only 2 direct outlets


Open 5 direct outlets due to overwhelming response


Ochaya started Franchise Business with 13 outlets and became famous and popular among tea drinkers



Expanded to 35 outlets because more and more people love our concept of “fresh . healthy . for everyone”



Ochaya brand has become a trendy and healthy drink among our customers, especially office workers who are conscious about health and also the delicious taste. As such, our outlets have grown exponentially to 94.Office workers


Ochaya becomes No. 1 in Thailand for fresh and healthy drink with 160 outlets



Continue to be leader in this industry with 235 outlets



Greater achievement with 306 outlets


Reached another new height with over 350 outlets . Developed new brands, RamenBoy (2 direct outlets), OkeCha (2 direct outlets). Open first China branch in Chong Qing under Thai Yi Ping (泰一品)